Punk Marketing

Este foarte clar marketingul nu mai este demult ordinary. Cartea Punk Marketing :

An indispensable guide for creative types and marketing zealots seeking to overthrow the remains of marketing as we know it.
Excerpts from this book :

Welcome to the wonderful world of consumerism in which unlimited choice is available and spending power means freedom from having to pick just one. Is Colgate-Palmolive ashamed or bewildered it offers us adults more than 25 varieties of toothpaste (there are countless for kids) and all under the Colgate brand, each coming in astoundingly different pack sizes for quantity and tube size/style?
By the way, aceasta carte a fost promovata printr-o campanie de streaptease pe youtube in care o domnisoara in timp ce se dezbraca, cita din aceasta carte. real punk !
Castigatoarea este aceasta :

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pune-mi un link daca vrei, iti pun si eu daca esti de-acord, msg me if u want !

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