In periplul meu prin cercetarea blogosferei si mai ales trendului ascendent al acestui fenomen ca interactivitate dar si un nou instrument in comunicarea new-media, un renumit blogger strain Mindblob : mi-a acordat un interviu on-line.

Scurta prezentare a lui MindBlob :

Marketing communication specialist and film producer.
Head of TV for international advertising agency.
Managing Director of small size company.

Active in :
Advertising & film production - new talent research - art direction - creativity and brainstorming - linking information.

Intrebarile mele :

1 What do you thing about Romania ?
I've never been to Romania, but I'm sure it is a very nice country. I have heard about film shootings on beautiful locations in Romania.
2 How the blogging gonna influence the new information in opposite withe traditional ways (newspapers, TV, ) ?
With web 2.0 people (you, me, anybody) can express themselves and so comment their point of views over reality. This is the root of a new means of communication.
People take pictures of what they see with their digital cameras, mobiles, camescopes and share these snaps directly on the internet, with their own comments.
Information, media in a general way used to be the only instances to be abble to do so. Now things are different. The era of the "push" (towards audience) communication is over. Medias as well as marketers and advertisers have to consider that they don't have the privilege of mass communication. "Push" communication should evolve towards real interaction with consumers and so should consider "pull" communication (considering people's oppinion).
3.Advertisers will promote their campaigns on the blogosphere either ?

Yes. They already do... and if not, they should. Consider the bloggosphere to get feedback and take into account what people really like and really want.
4.Blogging is good?
Question is a bit wide as it is. I'd say blogging is like the internet. It is both good and bad, depending on people's genuine intentions.
But I think the idea of blogging is good when it is based on sharing oppinions in order to grow knowledge and connections (vs. blogging to make money, which carries a quite different spirit, right!).
Best regards.


Dupa cum afirma Mindblob, marketerii si advertiserii intampina din ce in ce mai mari dificultati in a livra un mesaj catre un grup de oameni(target) astfel prin interactivitatea dintre bloggeri si a acestei noi comunitati se iveste o noua cale de dezvolta oportunitati de comunicare inedita. Blogging is good !

2 Tu ce crezi?:

VAGA BOND spunea...

Interesante comentariile. Dar sunt curios, cum adica ti-a acordat un interviu on-line? Chiar ai pus intrebarile si el ti-a raspuns? Iata cum blogosfera trece peste granite si ne apropie

IgorCreation spunea...

Da, nu exista nici o frontiera in blogosfera ! I-am pus intrebarile dupa ce l-am contactat pe mail, si chiar mi-a raspuns. Remarcabil si timpul sscurt al raspunsului pentru ca in Romania daca incerci un astfel de interviu nu cred ca vei primi un raspuns !